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Wai Mohala Ventures is changing the fundamentals of investing.  We are a new type of venture investment company focused on helping diverse founders and teams realize their highest potential while making a significant impact with their products. Our breakthrough approach yields exceptional results for founders,  investors, and all stakeholders.

Investment Stages

If you are raising a seed round, then the Wai-Mohala Special Purpose Investment Vehicle (SPV) may be a fit for you. The Wai-Mohala SPV primarily invests in seed stage companies, but also considers pre-seed companies with demonstrated market demand and post-seed companies with established momentum.


If you are raising a Series-A round, then the Wai-Mohala Venture Fund may be a match. The Wai-Mohala Venture Fund primarily invests in Series-A companies, but a portion of the Fund is available for seed, post-seed and Series-B companies.


Once Wai-Mohala becomes your investment partner, we want to be able to continue to partner with you throughout the growth journey of your company. To that end, we reserve portions of our investment funds to be available for your follow-on rounds

Investment stages

Key Differentiators

Our Investment Strategy

We Lead & Co-Lead!!!

We aren't one of those investors who just follows the crowd. We are experienced investors who have built and exited tech companies ourselves. We know that having engaged investors gives a startup an unfair advantage and we want that for all our portfolio companies.


We lead a vast majority of the rounds we invest in, as well as co-leading with our aligned investment partners. We employ a deeply-engaged, transformational, breakthrough investment strategy where we work closely with each founder and team that we partner with.

Our Vision...

Powered by Diversity

Our portfolio companies are powered by the diversity of their founders, their leaders and their teams. We primarily invest in women-led and/or BIPOC-led technology companies who recognize the competitive advantages of diverse teams, and fundamentally value equity and inclusion at the heart of their culture.


Diversity provides strength and resilience. Diversity fosters innovation and problem-solving from a wider range of perspectives. And it's no surprise that diverse teams perform significantly higher on average.


Wai-Mohala's portfolio of diverse founders and
teams are committed to being conscious leaders and developing cultures that benefit their employees, investors, customers, partners, and the community.

Impact Driven

At the heart of Wai-Mohala Ventures, we are driven by the passion of making a difference and supporting those founders and teams who are making a positive impact in the world. We prioritize finding opportunities to grow and support new technology companies that deliver beneficial social, environmental, or health impacts and outsized financial returns.


We integrate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors throughout our selection, diligence, post-investment and exit phases of our portfolio lifecycle to ensure the companies we work with are aligned with our values and have the drive to make an impact for all stakeholders.


Even our metrics are reinvented, centering around impact reporting and customized tracking of each company's  beneficial outcomes.

Growth Focused

Wai-Mohala's deeply transformational Growth Catalyst Program is designed to activate each company’s growth potential and expand the company's impact.


We have combined the studies of psychology, quantum mechanics, and neuroscience and developed our proprietary Growth Catalyst Framework, a set of tools, techniques, metrics, weekly teachings, deep-dive activations, and periodic events that unlock the founders’ and teams’ greatest human potential, develop conscious cultures within the companies, and create high-performing outcomes.


Profoundly successful founders have one thing in common... their path to success was primarily an inner journey of growth which led to the outer results: the company's success.

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